Stadium Goods

Aftermarket Streetwear E-Commerce Marketplace


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Stadium Goods is an after-market e-commerce marketplace for shoes and street wear. Sellers consign their shoes with Stadium Goods through a webportal and then Stadium Goods sells the items through their apps, website and a series of retail partners to a worldwide audience.

Stadium goods had 2 goals:
  1. Expand aggressively in China
  2. Get their flailing product under control

We quickly assessed and took control of their developer team and product roadmap moving quickly to stabilized the team and the platform.

We took a backlog of 9 months of tasks and quickly alleviated many of the roadblocks the company was experiencing which were inhibiting growth.

We stabilized the platform and the team, identifying and resolving business critical issues to reduce risk and increase efficiencies both technically and from a business process perspective. This included a reworking of their drop shipping pipeline and fulfillment, documenting existing technologies and workflows, analyzing their partnership integrations and digging deep into the inner workings of their infrastructure pain points. Among the resulting benefits were the delivery of 3X the performance on their highest sales days.

Complimenting these initiatives, we created an international roll out plan. We began by examining existing reltionships. Stadium Goods had a great relationship with TMALL, a major online retailer in China, but had some ongoing integration challenges. We optiizled the technical connection and business proceses that had been contributing to breakdowns and inventory issues allowing for better and more consistent inventory listings of Stadium Goods shoes on TMALL.

In parrallel as part of the stratagy for China, we moved forward developing new channels. A localized mobile application and a WeChat app popped out as primary solutions based on user behavior for the target demographic.

The Stadium Goods mobile app required a ground up rebuild for multi-country rollout and a end-to-end new shipping platform integration for international delivery. We revised the UX experience for the local chinese market and launched within 3 months.

Eighty percent of the Chinese population uses WeChat so it made sense as a channel partner. Within the WeChat ecosystem, which encompasses payments, chat, shopping and so much more, there are apps for businesses. WeChat Apps work best when they lead with content. So we designed an application that focused on featured shoes and content articles.

Stadium Goods was acquired in 2018 for $250 million by Farfetch.