Conquer the Campaign

A Fantasy Sports Style Political Game


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    Political Fantasy Game
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    HTML5 Application
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    Research, UX/UI design, Interaction Design, Game Design, Product Strategy, Development, User Testing, Infrastructure Design
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The 2016 presidential race captivated the nation as no other election had before. Fox News wanted to take advantage of that interest in politics in an ongoing experience that kept users engaged all year long..

We responded by creating a fantasy sports style game that let users compete all year long against eachother to become (virtual) President of the United States.

A challenge we faces was that people new how to play fantasy sports but who had ever heard of Users were asked to campaign each week in a new state and were given a budget to do so. THey could augment this budget by watching ads, taking surveys and earning bonuses for showing up each week.

To campign in each state users paid a campaigning fee and earned votes by taking quizzes specific to each state.

p> When users returned each week they received Campaign Cash as well as incentives for coming back and then hit the road across the country to earn support.

The resulting product reached 1,4M people per month.

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