Intel #ExperienceMore

UGC + Superbowl + Tom Brady


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    UGC Web App
  • What We Did:
    Web App / Website
  • Services:
    Business strategy, UX and development management, user testing, post-launch optimization
  • Process:
    Strategy. Product and development management.
  • Client:

The goal was to showcase the Intel 360˚ Replay technology as part of the Intel #ExperienceMore campaign, drive brand engagement before and during the Super Bowl and deliver on the brand promise: Intel Makes Amazing Experiences Possible.

The project was a UGC campaign focused on a 360 ˚ Replay video of Tom Brady. Fans customized individual video frames in an html5 web application and submitted them to be included in the final video.

The application featured a 360 video of Tom Brady throwing a football. Fans could select a frame of the video and then customize it on their phone with a cutsom built paint application expressing their visions of Brady fandom. Once all the screens were submitted the frames were compiled into a vi=ideo ad for the superbowl which ran on local television and social media channels.

Social influencers were enlisted to to inspire followers to join the fun. Several high profile infulencers created frames of their own and sent them out to their followers to drive deeper engagement.

Tom chooses his favorite frames to showcase on the site and on TV with the resulting images being edited into a viral video. The resulting application and video created the necessary lift to bring Intel's message to the masses and help the #ExperienceMore.

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