Intel @ The Consumer Electronics Show

Virtual Reality Bringing CES to the People


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Intel kicked off the event with announcements cementing its role as a leader as a home for innovation in virtual reality — or the more advanced merged reality.

Intel’s booth at CES displayed the company’s commitment to expanding the boundaries of technology to make amazing experiences possible.

The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is an amazing experience where attendees stand face to face with the most innovative companies in the world. But Intel is a global company and the questions was raised about how the Intel CES presence could be brought to a global audience.

The resulting solution was a web based virtual reality experience about the three pillars of focus for Intel at CES.

  1. Sports
  2. Automated Driving
  3. Life Tech

At the Intel booth, 360 video were taken at key points and loaded into a frameworks that let web users move between 'stations' and use their accelerometer to be part of the experience. They could also deep dive into vingettes about each of the content pillars and leanr about the awesome offerings Intel had on the platter. We felt proud to help Intel deliver on their promise of innovation at CES and bring the experience to wider deserving audience.