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Intel is a global company with over 100,000 employees. Everyday the Intel Intranet 'Circuit' is the home page to 85%of those employees. It helps bring them together as a unit and services each of their daily needs, whether that is getting the Intel stock price or navigating to HR.

We worked with internal teams at Intel to identify a strategy and plan for revising Circuit to better meet the needs of its workforce. After years of existence, Circuit suffered from the kind of bloat that happens when every department wants their link on the home page. It was tough to use, slow and not mobile friendly.

We started by mapping the ecosystem, listening to stakeholders and trying to really understand not just what Circuit did, but who it did it for and where. Over half of Intel's workforce worked in factories in different parts of the globe. How factory workers used the intranet was very different than how office personelle did. The overall approach was to design a best-in-class experience that inherently prioritized contextual information without the need to extensive personalization.

A key improvement was the search flow. By improving and optimizing search we could save the company millions of dollars in time wasted. By providing contextual seach information and cetegorizing results based o their content type we helped achieve this.

Another opportunity was localization. Intel has offices in many locations, by prioritizing local news we could save employees time searching through items that didn't apply to them.

We identified partners to collaborate with on the product road-map and managed design for a successful launch, bringing Intel a new and improved homepage that company could gather together around.