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Welcome to the best music experience for audiophiles and their friends. For people who love music, Acoustics is the media player for social discovery that allows users to safely share and play their music with others.

Acoustics connects you to your friends and a community of fans. It is the leading media player for listening to your own music and discovering music other fans are passionate about.

Acoustics creates a library of all your songs across all your local files and streaming services wherever they are stored that you can stream to any device and share with your friends.

Streaming music services such as Spotify, Amazon Music and Google Music have come to dominate how users consume music. However, new music discovery through social and recommendations on these services is shallow and not a prime focus.

In addition to this, users must subscribe to stream or download the music they own on mobile.

Product Insights

  1. If you keep your own music files on multiple devices you can’t easily stream them all
  2. No product currently allows users to collate their collections from devices and destinations
  3. Discovering music is based on ‘shallow’ social and recommendations
  4. Platform recommendations do not provide deep, cross-functional recommendations
  5. Sharing music is nearly impossible now
  6. Integrations with social platforms are very limited and buried
  7. Insights from social are not brought into the media player

Remarkable social features like customizable and shareable equalizers, group chat and listening rooms allow for listeners to become influencers with followings. Acoustics allows you to turn any song into a group listing and chat experience. Just swipe right and invite people to your stream.

When you’re ready to be heard, Acoustics Media App is the place you go when you want to play and share all your music across all your devices.

Become the music influencer you were meant to be on Acoustics.